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     "The Study of Probability Theory stems from manís inability and yet the
     need to comprehend the science of exactness."

                                                                                              Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim

Seminar Facilitators
Business Domain Expert Facilitator

Mr. Adam K. K. Wong
B.Acc, FCPA, Certified Professional Trainer  

Mr. Adam K. K. Wong is a Business Domain Expert Facilitator with PI ETA Consulting Company. He is also an adjudicator of the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre in Singapore.

Prior to his current appointments, he was a General Manager with Standard Chartered Bank and other international banks with 22 years of successful track record in Cash Management, eCommerce, Corporate Banking and Trade Finance and Small & Medium Enterprises. Having strong strategic orientation and regional exposure in South East Asia and Hong Kong, he is credited with significantly growing global banksí SME assets by 450% and net profit by 140% over a 3-year period in Singapore. He also started a new cash management business for a leading bank in Asia and grew it to a multi-billion business annually.

Adam is a very experienced trainer who has a gift of making complicated subjects simple. He has conducted numerous workshops for banks in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan with consistently good appraisals. He is one of the few successful developers of training programmes accredited under the Institute of Banking and Finance Standards.

Mr. Wong is a Fellow Chartered Accountant (Singapore) and a Fellow Certified Public Accountant (Australia). He is also a Certified Credit Risk Management professional, a Certified Professional Trainer and member of the Singapore Institute of Directors.

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