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     "The Study of Probability Theory stems from manís inability and yet the
     need to comprehend the science of exactness."

                                                                                              Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim

Seminar Facilitators
Business Domain Expert Facilitator

Mr. Christopher H. L. Chan
B.Ec., MBA

Mr. Christopher H. L. Chan is a Business Domain Expert Facilitator with PI ETA Consulting Company.

Chris is currently Assistant General Manager in the Audit Division of a financial institution, covering its group and overseas Global Markets and Risk Management areas. He had been at different periods, Head of Market Risk and Treasury Risk Management Department of a Malaysian commercial bank, and Senior Vice President in the Risk Division of an Investment Bank.

Chris has been in banking for over 37 years, mainly in the field of Treasury Trading and Management, as well as Risk Management. He started his career as a Dealer in a commercial bank, and subsequently to managing a Trading Room over a period of more than 20 years, after which he moved on to Risk Management. His expertise covers area in the Foreign Exchange Market, Money Markets, Fixed Income Instruments and Derivatives, as well as Risk Management and Auditing. He had been involved in Asset-Liability Management and its processes for almost 30 years.

He is actively involved in training via the Malaysian Banking Institute (IBBM), as well as in making presentations to corporate clients through the years. Chris is and has been for many years, an examiner in the IBBM committee that oversee the certificate examination for treasury dealers in the Malaysian banking community. He holds a Bachelor of Economics (BEc.) degree from the University of Malaya and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Finance from the University of Hull.

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