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     "Our minds can sometimes make us our own worst enemy."

                                                                                                Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim

 Seminars | Bahrain

PMC01: PI ETA Mission Challenge  

  • Be on a “first-of-its-kind” Mission Challenge that “Challenges The Way You Think!” 
  • Have the opportunity to meet new people, exercise and develop Networking Techniques.
  • Have the opportunity to be challenged to constantly think outside the box.
  • Learn Strategic Planning under unusual circumstances with lessons that one can take back.
  • Redefine one’s own strategic thought process in an exciting and challenging environment.
  • Burn calories as you are constantly on your feet, thinking and “trekking” around Sentosa Island.
  • Learn team-building techniques and leadership qualities required to win in today’s extremely competitive marketplace.
  • “Recharge” your mind, and be revitalized for new challenges ahead.
PI ETA Mission Challenge Stations
Deaf Leading The Blind
Participants can choose either to undertake the role of the deaf or the blind. With the chosen role, participants have to overcome obstacles to reach the objectives of given tasks.
Hunter's Race
Participants will be given a clue to find the secret word somewhere on the Island. Rewards will be given only to those who find secret word.
Mind The Brain
Prepare to be baffled by the world of puzzles. Unlock the mysteries behind the puzzles and participants will be rewarded handsomely. But hurry, time is ticking away. Need help? Why not seek out the Master herself.
Watery Tale
Participants will be required to perform a watery task.
Rise & Fall Enterprise
Buy! Sell! Risk it all! Challenge our simulated stock exchange system and watch your wealth accumulate into an unstoppable Empire. All participants will be required to purchase Real Estate. So hone your skills here!

Seminar Facilitator(s)
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Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim
Ph.D., C.Sci., C.Math., FIMA, FCPS, FRM, PRM, B.Fel.

Mr. Adam K. K. Wong
B.Acc., FCPA, Certified Professional Trainer


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