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     "Risk Management should be everyone's business, not just the CEO's,
CFO's or CRO's!"
                                                                                              Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim

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PRM01: Firm-Wide Risk Management

Comments from past participants

"As risk management is everybody's business, not just CEOs' or Risk heads', everyone should attend. This seminar can assist them to bring about an awareness of the importance of risk management, and to equip them with the requisite knowledge and foundational tools."

- Mr. Warwick Chau Kai Yeung
RHB Bank Bhd, Singapore.
[Class of April 2002]


"Trainer was able to impart his knowledge on risk management and foundational mathematical tools very effectively. Rather than just lecturing from notes, he calls himself a 'facilitator', getting trainees to be effectively involved in group discussions and case studies."

- Mrs. Irene Sim
KBC Bank N.V., Singapore.
[Class of April 2002]


"This seminar was beneficial to me as Bank supervisor in our future role in that, moving forward, we need to understand the quantitative models that should be developed and can be applied by our financial institutions. I gained an overview of what should be done by supervisors in coming years as we approach the Basle 2007 Accord."

- Mrs. Dewi Fadjarsarie H.
Bank Indonesia, Indonesia.

[Class of August 2003]


"I found the seminar to be very helpful. My practical knowledge of active risk management and its tools were next to zero before I attended the seminar. My thoughts were always skewed towards the point that equity investments' risk were rather difficult to manage and mitigate as it was primarily market-driven. My thoughts have been clarified after attending the seminar."

- Mr. Ching Weng Jin
Malaysian Assurance Alliance Berhad, Malaysia.

[Class of August 2003]


"There’s the saying: “If I give you a fish, you eat for a day. If I teach you to fish, you eat for a life-time.” I applaud PI-ETA for taking the latter as the approach. We learn the rudiments of concepts, and learn the context for its application! It goes a long, long way …"

- Ms. Ng Swee Har
United Overseas Bank, Singapore.

[Class of August 2003]


"A lot of logic. Nicely paced to suit participants’ level and grasp of basic mathematics. Enjoyed the way it was conducted – Relaxed!"

- Ms. Khairin Abdul Karim
Securities Commission, Malaysia.

[Class of October 2003]


"This seminar is useful for me as it increases my knowledge so that I can use it in the future."

- Khun Nantaporn Thamsuaydee
DBS Vickers Securities Pte Ltd., Thailand.

[Class of April 2004]


"The two-day seminar on Firm-Wide Risk Management is just the right beginning and introduction to allow me to acquire a good and deeper understanding of firm-wide financial risk and the techniques available to measure and manage these risks."

- Mr. Ramli Muda
Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, Malaysia.

[Class of June 2004]


"This Firm-Wide Risk Seminar helps me to have a better understanding of the concepts behind the methodology of risk management."

- Mr. Mak Chin Kow
Bursa Malaysia Berhad, Malaysia.

[Class of June 2004]


"The seminar is relevant for the operational risk aspect of an organization."

- Mr. Mohamed Azlan Mokhtar
Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, Malaysia.

[Class of June 2004]


"Jeff is a very good facilitator and to add on, this is a very good seminar! I would definitely attend such seminars if there are more to come."

- Mr. Low Teck Ngee
United Overseas Bank, Singapore.

[Class of August 2004]


"Very good! I think I have made an achievement in my knowledge on risk management. Risk management is important, even in Bank Indonesia. It is good for me to know how the banks access their risks even though this is not exactly within my job scope. Very very interesting the way Jeff teaches us. The seminar was a very exciting experience!"

- Mr. Riza Putera
Bank Indonesia, Indonesia.

[Class of October 2004]


"A seminar worth attending!"

- Mr. Andrew Ng
HSH Nordbank, Singapore.

[Class of April 2005]


"I really enjoyed the seminar and the instant rapport between all the participants. Although it was tough going at times (especially the number crunching and trying to remember what I had learnt in high school!), I would rate the seminar as essential as building blocks for quantitative risk management. Seminar covered a lot of ground, over and above expectations and ‘set the stage’ for higher threshold of learning and understanding risk from the quantitative aspect. Highly recommended especially for those with mathematical and statistical background."

- Tengku Maizura bte Tengku Ishak
Commerce Asset Ventures Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.

[Class of April 2005]


"The facilitator has a good knowledge of the subject matter."

- Ms. Lai Say Lee
HSH Nordbank, Singapore.

[Class of April 2005]


"I have a new perspective about Risk Management after attending the Firm wide Risk Management Seminar. The Seminar covers in-depth new ideas and explains the underlying philosophies, so that we understand the reasons behind Risk Management, and how one should mitigate risks first."

- Mr. Sjahruddin Dewang
Bank Finconesia, Indonesia.

[Class of August 2005]


"I derived much benefit from attending the Firm wide Risk Management Seminar. It covered various aspects of risk management which I can apply to my work. I recommend others join this seminar too!"

- Mr. A. Triyono
Bank Mizuho Indonesia, Indonesia.

[Class of August 2005]


"This seminar can even make a marketing guy like me be “open minded” to understanding and appreciating the various types of risks a bank is faced with."

- Mr. Donardi Rachman
Bank Finconesia, Indonesia.

[Class of August 2005]


"Jeffrey is very knowledgeable & experienced. I am honored to have met him because I can learn a lot more from him!"

- Mr. Supriyanto
Bank Finconesia, Indonesia.

[Class of August 2005]


"The seminar was good and interesting! Jeffrey conducted the seminar wonderfully, providing beneficial knowledge through an interactive process. For a technical seminar, Jeff was able to adopt a good comprehensible approach to help us better understand Risk Management."

- Mr. Azni Azaddin
Bank Negara Malaysia, Malaysia.

[Class of August 2005]


"Converted theory to practical use very well!"

- Mr. Paul Gui Eng Hock
CIMB, Malaysia.

[Class of June 2006]


"Workshop session on VaR is useful and beneficial for people who are new to the concept. Great sharing of experience not found in books!"

- Mr. Tioh Jih Ying
Bank Negara Malaysia, Malaysia.

[Class of June 2006]


"Provides perspective of reasons behind theory and practical; pragmatic!"

- Mr. Alan Inn Wei Loon
CIMB, Malaysia.

[Class of June 2006]


"The seminar provided insights on Enterprise Risk Management from a different perspective. The philosophy and history behind those initiatives were clearly explained."

- Mr. Zahran Bin Tasliman
Johor Corporation, Malaysia.

[Class of November 2006]


"This Firm-wide Risk Management seminar is suitable for everyone working in risk management. Jeff instructs on the concepts of risk management and financial management such as VAR Modeling. Additionally Jeff explains the root causes of problems and advocates a mind-set change which is very important and very useful for me. Dare to change, and be challenged to discover the real reasons behind many situations!"

- Khun Weerachai Lakprasert
Bank of Thailand, Thailand.

[Class of November 2006]


"The workshop is very effective and able to enhance my knowledge especially on risk management philosophy. The material is very informative and helpful for me as the facilitator is very knowledgeable and experienced."

- Mr. Ahmad Abadi
PT. Bank Mandiri, Indonesia.
[Class of November 2007]


"I'm really impressed on how risk management can be viewed from another perspective as a tool to enhance business performance."

- Ms. Sarah Fahma Ghina
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Indonesia.
[Class of June 2008]


"I found the seminar to be well-crafted, organized, and insightful. The approach was simple and clear, but yet rich in substance and depth. It also allowed me to have a better appreciation of risk management, not just in ensuring the continuity of the company, but also in applying its principles in every aspect of my life, as I now live with the guiding principle that 'The biggest risk is not seeing the risk!'"

- Ms. Flordeliz A. Elizaga
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Philippines.
[Class of January 2009]


"The seminar was very helpful and interesting. It stood out from other facilitators, due to the "think out of the box" approach! Overall, the contents are relevant to me in my profession. "

- Mr. Reto Isenring
VP Bank (Singpaore) Ltd, Singapore
[Class of August 2011]


"Jeff is very engaging and was able to explain difficult concepts in a very simple and easily understood manner. He has a wealth of experience and stories which makes the learning very enjoyable!"

- Ms. Elizabeth Chua Siew Eng
DBS Bank, Singapore
[Class of August 2011]


"Jeff's approach was very engaging, interesting and thought provoking. The case studies were relevant and good illustrations that the risks we are exposed to are often hidden and therefore all the more dangerous. I also appreciated the fact that he focused on both the "why" of enterprise risk management as well as the "how" i.e. the calculations."

- Mr. Julian Wong Kok Wei
Factory Mutual Insurance Company, Singapore
[Class of October 2014]


"Dr. Jeffrey broke down the complexity of various risk to a simple level which definitely allowed me and will allow anyone who has close to no knowledge on risk to understand risk. I have brought back valuable knowledge which I can use to investigate and apply practically to better understand where my current firm's standing is and if allowed, contribute to the firm. All in, it was an enjoyable and educational seminar!"

- Mr. Raphael Ou-Yang
Commerzbank AG, Singapore
[Class of May 2016]


"Really enjoyed the seminar! Dr. Jeffrey Lim conducted the Firm-wise Risk Management seminar with lots of interesting and brainstorming exercises. I would recommend this seminar as it is useful and relevant to current affairs."

- Mr. Kevin Lee
The Bank of Nova Scotia, Singapore
[Class of May 2022]


"Always enjoy Jeff's lessons! Interesting & eye opening!"

- Ms. Gigi Tan
The Bank of Nova Scotia, Singapore
[Class of May 2022]

  • Risk Management is Everyone’s Business, not just the CEO’s, CFO’s or CRO’s!

  • In living life, the secret of the How's is actually in the Why's!

  • Risk Management is not just about compliance. It should be a Business Enabler, a Power Tool to push the business to new levels of accomplishment.

  • Learn how to be a Risk Champion, and how to be a good pro-business Risk Manager.

  • Be introduced to the notions of risk measurement – Value-at-Risk (VaR) and Conditional Value-at-Risk (C-VaR) and have a hands-on experience of computing these risk measures.

  • Learn about Risk-Adjusted-Returns-on-Capital (RAROC) as a management tool.

  • Be guided through the various forms of risks i.e. Market Risk, Credit Risk and Operational Risk.

  • Gain an insight to various Good Risk Management Practices.

  • Understand the Importance of embracing practices that will bolster Operational Resilience.

  • Understand why Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations should be featured as part of Good Operational Risk Management Practices.

  • Have an appreciation of the Risks Involved in Climate Change and how it can impact our business.

  • Learn how we can play an important role in working towards achieving Carbon Neutrality and a Net Zero state, and also in assessing and managing Climate Risks in our portfolio.

  • Be introduced to The Basel Capital Accord.

Seminar Facilitator(s)
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Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim
Ph.D., C.Sci., C.Math., FIMA, FCPS, FRM, PRM, B.Fel.


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