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                                                                                              Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim

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PRM02: Financial Market Risk Management
Comments from past participants

"This is one of the best treasury-related seminars I've attended so far. Dr. Jeffrey Lim was able to bring us back to the basics, which set us in focused thought processes for the seminar contents. He was able to bring out the essence and key points of the key risk areas."

- Ms. Loo Yin Ha
United Overseas Bank, Singapore.
[Class of April 2002]


"Instructor shared much of his practical experience and made the class effective and interesting by making seminar interactive. A highly recommended seminar indeed!"

- Ms. Selina Chew
Daiwa Securities SMBC Singapore Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of April 2002]


"The Financial Market Risk Management Seminar is insightful. The approach is intuitive and is a must-attend for any financial professional."

- Mr. Vincent Chia
American International Assurance Co., Singapore.

[Class of September 2003]


"Time is money. Time is so precious, but we waste no time at all by attending this 'must-see' seminar by PI ETA!"

- Mr. Emil S. Darmadi
Bank Panin, Indonesia.

[Class of March 2004]


"The seminar was a very good learning experience and was full of insights on the use of risk management. The exercises were good experiences as well, as it allowed participants to perform the calculations and apply VaR to their respective areas of business. Additionally, the approach of Dr. Jeffrey Lim was light-hearted and casual which made the learning fun."

- Mr. Rafael G. Ayuste, Jr.
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company, Philippines.

[Class of March 2004]


"The seminar was very challenging, considering the time-frame of 2 days and given the depth of the topic itself. However we are mostly satisfied by the presentation given by Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim which opened our minds up to new ways of thinking about Risk Management."

- Mr. Irwan Hendroyono
Bank Panin, Indonesia.

[Class of March 2004]


"Attending PI ETA’s Financial Market Risk Management seminar is really a very good learning experience for me. Not only did the lecturer explain the various types of risks in the financial markets and the tools used to measure them, he also explained the rationale behind the computations to measure risks. The actual experiences of Dr. Jeff. Lim helped the participants understand the concept of risks better as he was able to relate it to actual events in the workplace.

Dr. Jeffrey Lim made the two-day affair a very lively and exciting seminar. He is one of the best lecturers I have come across!"

- Mr. Dennis Anthony Elayda
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company, Philippines.

[Class of March 2004]


"Very relevant, practical and useful! Detailed explanation given on basic fundamentals."

- Ms. Tan Yee Hoon
Mizuho Corporate Bank, Singapore.

[Class of September 2004]


"It is a seminar that should be attended by anyone who is involved in risk management. Jeff’s clear and precise explanations have dispelled all ambiguity that one may have regarding VaR. A seminar not to be missed!"  

- Mr. Tan Kok How
UOB Asset Management Ltd, Singapore.

[Class of September 2005]


"This seminar really widens my perspective on Risk Management and introduces me to new ideas."

- Mr. Bryan Thio
UOB Asset Management Ltd, Singapore.

[Class of September 2005]


"It is an excellent seminar given by an equally excellent risk management professional."

- Mr. Sim Choo Kay
PT. Bank UOB Indonesia, Indonesia.

[Class of August 2006]


"Very insightful and stimulating seminar! I’ve enjoyed the 2-full day seminar very much."

- Mr. Patrick Hong
Rabobank International, Singapore.

[Class of February 2007]


"I'm happy that PI ETA provided us a humble and expert facilitator. Though the time allotted for the seminar is quite short, everybody really appreciated how Jeff makes it easier for us to internalize the importance of “Risk Management”."

- Mr. Gener C. Salvador
Bank of Commerce, Philippines.
[Class of February 2008]


"The seminar was very helpful in making us understand the basics of VaR and how it came to be developed. The rationale behind industry practices were explained and you'll be amazed at how these were derived. Important concepts and developments were also discussed which cannot be found in textbooks.

With the help of Prof. Lim, we were able to comprehend complex formulas and understand its different uses in the financial world (you'd want to go back to your college math professor and tell him "I would have understood math better if you taught it this way!"). We also did Excel/Visual Basic exercises to better understand the different methodologies of VaR.

Prof. Lim has a way of connecting to the participants despite the alphabets at the end of his name. He was able to discuss what financial risk management is all about and how it can help your company to continue to do what it's best at!"

- Ms. Ma. Jennifer A. Garcia
Equitable PCI Bank, Philippines.
[Class of February 2008]


"I would like to commend the facilitator for being able to explain the complex world of financial risk management in simple and understandable terms. A complete paradigm shift on how to look at things. An Excellent and Highly recommended seminar!"

- Mr. Joel M. Escala
Equitable PCI Bank, Philippines.
[Class of February 2008]


"A sensational seminar delivered with full practicality on financial risk management aspects to be adopted by any business institutions in the current era. Topics covered are accentuated with real life examples and not just textbook references. A must for all risk management professionals and/or treasury dealing personnel who wish to use the knowledge acquired from this seminar as a tool to improve overall business management and profitability!"

- Mr. Roland Yeoh Kong Eng
AmBank Group, Malaysia.
[Class of February 2008]


"This is an enlightening seminar for me. Jeffrey is able to make the seminar easily understandable and practical. Very comprehensive! Suitable for Risk Managers to attend."

- Mr. Andrew Chew Keng Soon
Bangkok Bank, Singapore.
[Class of February 2009]


"The seminar was very insightful. Besides that, the facilitator, Jeff, has a lot of experience about this subject so he can answer all the participants' questions in a smart way and is easy to understand."

- Ms. Novianawati Wahyuni
The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Indonesia.
[Class of August 2010]


"The seminar provides a very good insight to the fundamentals of Risk Management!"

- Mr. Lim Chng Hou
United Overseas Bank Limited, Singapore.
[Class of August 2010]


"Jeffrey makes complex things look easy through real life examples. More importantly, he makes it interesting."

- Mr. Md. Zakir Hossen
IPDC of Bangladesh Limited, Bangladesh.
[Class of March 2011]


"This seminar is a great learning experience! Dr. Jeffrey shares some good real life experiences in dealing with financial markets."

- Mr. Md. Ashique Hossain
IPDC of Bangladesh Limited, Bangladesh.
[Class of March 2011]


"The seminar was great and very helpful in understanding market risk management!"

- Ms. An Lan
Bank of Communications Co., Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of May 2013]


"The seminar was great! Jeff knows how to explain the concepts of Risk Management in Financial Markets with simple and interesting way. A highly recommended seminar."

- Mr. Rio Adhitomo
The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi-UFJ, Jakarta Branch, Indonesia.
[Class of October 2017]


"Great insight to Risk Management! Really made me understand."

- Mr. Ahmad Faisal Hamdi Bin Dato Paduka Haji Junaidi
Brunei Investment Agency, Brunei Darussalam.
[Class of October 2017]


"Great and out-of-textbook session!"

- Ms. Sharon Teo Peck San
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited, Singapore.
[Class of May 2018]


"This seminar is an Eye-Opener. Changed my mindset on Risk Management!"

- Ms. Chen Suyang
Bank of Communications Co. Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of May 2019]


"Very Challenging Topic, but Jeff explained well!"

- Ms. Jenny Woon
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Singapore.
[Class of April 2021]


"Real Life Case Studies encouraged a lot of Thinking and Reflection!"

- Ms. Joey Lin
The Bank of Nova Scotia, Singapore.
[Class of March 2022]


"Very detailed Financial illustrations! I learnt more than I expected and wish I can apply to my work to improve my working performance. Thanks for the Two-day program!"

- Ms. Xiao Meng Ni
Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan.
[Class of May 2024]


  • Risk Management is everyone’s business, not just the CEO’s, CFO’s or CRO’s.

  • The biggest Risk in Risk Management is NOT seeing the Risk!

  • In living life, the secret of the How's is actually in the Why's!

  • Gain an insight to various Good Risk Management Practices.

  • Understand the Importance of embracing practices that will bolster Operational Resilience.

  • Acquire foundational knowledge on Bond Mathematics and an understanding of Probability Distributions from a first principles perspective.

  • Be introduced to the notion of Value-at-Risk (VaR) and actually perform calculations to obtain VaR under simulated scenarios.

  • Examine the advantages and disadvantages of  VaR and explore alternative risk measures like Conditional Value-at-Risk (C-VaR).

  • Have an understanding of the amount of exposure that an organization faces in relation to the different types and sources of Financial Market Risk.

  • Be introduced to The Basel Capital Accord.

Seminar Facilitator(s)
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Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim
--> Ph.D., C.Sci., C.Math., FIMA, FCPS, FRM, PRM, B.Fel.


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