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     "Risk Management should be everyone's business, not just the CEO's,
CFO's or CRO's!"
                                                                                              Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim

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PRM04: Credit Risk Management

Comments from past participants

"I enjoyed the two-day training session with Jeff. Jeff is unique in his ability to explain difficult concepts with ease."

- Mr. Mohammad Ahsan Awan
United Bank Limited, Pakistan.
[Class of August 2007]


"I have been working in Basel II and Operational Risk area for the last two years. I found the seminar very informative. Dr. Jeff Lim appeared to have a very strong command over the new Basel II accord. The course material designed by him was very useful which highlighted the core areas of statistical (PD, LGD and EAD) modeling under Basel II."

- Mr. Syed Nazish Abbas Rizvi
United Bank Limited, Pakistan.
[Class of August 2007]


"The Credit Risk Management seminar was very informative!"

- Mr. S. M. Arshad
MCB Bank Limited, Pakistan.
[Class of September 2007]


"This seminar has been informative and an ‘eye-opener’ in credit risk management.  After many years of managing credit risk in local and APAC context, this seminar made me realize that there is a lot more to learn and do to manage risk. 

This seminar is a must for any credit professional who wants to excel in this field and I will strongly recommend it to my peers and credit team. This is not a basic course that rumbles about financial ratios and legal recovery process. If one could conceptualize the theories and apply it as part of their risk management tools, it will bring their profession to a completely different level."

- Mr. Sammy Sang
ECICS Limited, Singapore.
[Class of October 2007]


"The Seminar was fun and engaging! Look forward to joining more seminars conducted by Jeff."

- Ms. Rebecca Teo Chay Teng
Saxo Capital Markets Pte. Ltd., Singapore.
[Class of October 2007]


"It is a very interesting seminar where we get to see credit risk management in a new light that would be beneficial to both the banking and non-banking industries.

A good seminar with dedicated instructor and will recommend it to other credit risk managers!"

- Mr. Edward Wan
CIMB Bank Berhad, Singapore.
[Class of June 2008]


"This seminar is definitely an asset to anyone who takes in this knowledge - the methodology used to express the various risks of the product creates an interesting thought process."

- Mr. Robin Watson
The Benefit Company, Bahrain.
[Class of May 2009]


"This is a very fantastic seminar! Jeff explained complicated ideas in simple ways and made it easy to understand."

- Ms. Fitri Kurniawati
Bank Indonesia, Indonesia.
[Class of September 2009]


"The facilitator is knowledgeable and his ideas are innovative. The concepts he delivered to us will broaden my horizon and open my mind on controlling credit risks in the future."

- Ms. Wang Yi Jun
Bank of Communications Co., Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of April 2011]


"Excellent seminar and really appreciated Dr Jeff's time and input. He went the extra miles to teach us practical applications of the content."

- Mr. Mark Fyffe
Eden Murray Pte Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of October 2011]


"Very interesting topic and a very good facilitator. Knowledgable as well."

- Mr. Damian Chia
Eden Murray Pte Ltd, Shanghai.
[Class of October 2011]


"Jeff tailored exactly to our needs. Good Job!"

-- Mr. Colin Mcdonald
Eden Murray FZE, United Arab Emirates, Dubai.
[Class of October 2011]


"A very well run program with updated information on credit risk management."

- Mr. Alvin Karnadi Tedjo
The Bank of Nova Scotia (Singapore Branch), Singapore.
[Class of October 2012]


"Risk Management is indeed an Art that I can use in my personal life! The seminar was different from others since it is very practical and not theoretical."

- Mr. Iqbal Maulana
PT. Bank Mizuho Indonesia, Indonesia.
[Class of November 2013]


"Frankly we enjoyed attending the seminar. The material and the way in which the seminar was delivered are very effective!"

- Mr. Yusuf Saadudin Syahidin
Bank BJB, Indonesia.
[Class of September 2014]


"Jeff makes me think outside the box!"

- Ms. Teng Du Sze
Styrolution SEA Pte Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of September 2015]


"An interesting seminar and Jeff is able to explain difficult concepts in a fun and easy to understand way!"

- Ms. Agnes Ng
KBC Bank N.V., Singapore.
[Class of September 2016]


"This seminar provided me a better understanding about credit risk management. The training was practical, useful and applicable to my job. I gained valuable knowledge and it broadened my mindset on credit risk management. The facilitator, Jeff was good and very knowledgeable!"

- Mr. Tan Choon Hwa
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited, Singapore.
[Class of September 2017]


"Very good seminar, even for someone with no economic or financial background. Jeff was brilliant! He successfully opened my mind to see the most important things in Credit Risk Management!"

- Mr. Dedi Junaedi
Bank Indonesia, Indonesia.
[Class of September 2018]


  • Risk Management is everyone’s business, not just the CEO’s, CFO’s or CRO’s.

  • The biggest Risk in Risk Management is NOT seeing the Risk!

  • In living life, the secret of the How's is actually in the Why's!

  • Gain an insight to various Good Risk Management Practices.

  • Understand the Importance of embracing practices that will bolster Operational Resilience.

  • Have an Overview of Enterprise Risk Management and understand how Credit Risk Management is an integral part of Enterprise Risk Management.

  • Have a clear understanding that Credit Risk Management cannot exist in a silo, and that to manage Credit Risks effectively, one must also have a good understanding of Market Risk and Operational Risk Management.

  • Have an Understanding of the Link Between A CounterParty’s Enterprise Risk Exposures and The Bank’s Credit Risk Exposure To The CounterParty and A CounterParty’s Default.

  • Have an Understanding of The Role of Credit Officers and Credit Risk Managers as Gate-Keepers of a Bank’s Assets.

  • Have an appreciation of the Risks Involved in Climate Change and how it can impact our business.

  • Learn how we can play an important role in working towards achieving Carbon Neutrality and a Net Zero state, and also in assessing and managing Climate Risks in our portfolio.

  • “Dirty your Hands” going through a Monte Carlo event simulation process.

  • Be introduced to the notion of Probability of Defaults, Exposure Given Default and Recovery Rates, and how one can use these components to compute the Expectation of Credit Losses.

  • Be introduced to the quantitative side of risk measurement – Value-at-Risk (VaR) and Conditional Value-at-Risk (C-VaR).

  • Be introduced to The Basel Capital Accord.

Seminar Facilitator(s)
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Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim
Ph.D., C.Sci., C.Math., FIMA, FCPS, FRM, PRM, B.Fel.


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