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     "Our minds can sometimes make us our own worst enemy."

                                                                                                Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim

 Seminars | Malaysia

PMC01: PI ETA Mission Challenge  

Comments from past participants:

“The PI ETA Mission Challenge was indeed enjoyable! The challenge was an interesting combination of “a little adventure” and practical financial management training. I felt more confident after participating in the challenge as it taught us the value of not making any unnecessary assumptions in the decision process and to consistently think “outside the box” in all my future undertakings. I hope to join other PI ETA seminars in the future!”

- Mr. Herdy Pratomo
Bank Finconesia, Indonesia.
[Class of August 2005]

“The challenge was indeed a practical exploration in competitive dynamics, involving “horse-trading”, probability assessment, strategic thinking and street smarts.”

- Mr. Dennis Yap
Phillip Securities Pte Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of August 2005]

“PI ETA Mission Challenge makes me think outside the box. It is always good to have such a refreshing seminar after working for few years to have a bigger picture.”

- Mr. Teyu Che Chern
Phillip Securities Pte Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of August 2005]

“The training is able to change the way we think from our old mindsets that used to be skewed by preset ideas. By attending this training, you have to be prepared to expect the unexpected. We enjoyed the training!”

- Mr. M. Janu Isnadi
Bank Finconesia, Indonesia.
[Class of August 2005]

Copyright: The original idea for PI ETA  Mission Challenge was conceived by Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim. The idea, design and all other related areas pertaining to the PI ETA  Mission Challenge remains the exclusive property of PI ETA Consulting Company.
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