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PAC01: Accounting Fundamentals 

Comments from past participants

“The seminar was useful in giving an overview of the accounting concepts.”

- Ms. Yuan Hui Yee Genevieve
Calyon Singapore Branch, Singapore.
[Class of September 2009]


“The Accounting Fundamentals seminar was fun and informative for a layman even though it was just only a 1-day seminar.”

- Ms. Elaine Wee
SG Asset Management (S) Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of March 2010]


“The Accounting concepts that were shared in the seminar are very useful and applicable in my daily work.”

- Mr. Gary Liaw Szu Kang
Hong Leong Finance Limited, Singapore.
[Class of March 2010]


“I found the Accounting Fundamentals seminar to be an eye opener. As an example, I learnt that when an expense is being treated under sales expense versus capital expense it would result in a completely different set of books. The simple illustrations and explanations made it easy to understand.”

- Ms. Alice Low
Individual, Singapore.
[Class of July 2010]


“The Accounting Fundamentals seminar provided me with the wider perspective on how bankers evaluate the financial performance and health of a company, in terms of funding.

From another view as an investor, I can also use the knowledge gained to study a listed company's financial ratios before investing in them. Last but not least, it also provided me another tool for decision making as an entrepreneur. Well done!”

- Mr. Vincent Ow-yeong
Icontek & Marketing, Singapore.
[Class of July 2010]


“I found the Accounting Fundamentals seminar very interesting!”

- Ms. Ng Qi
Individual, Singapore.
[Class of September 2010]



  • Understand key accounting concepts used in preparing financial statements.

  • Understand how is value recorded.

  • Gain an Insight into the structure of an annual report.

  • Discussion on various components of the annual report.

  • Understand how valuation affects profitability.

  • Comprehend the difference between Profit vs. cash flow.

Seminar Facilitator(s)
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Mr. Adam K. K. Wong
B.Acc., FCPA, Certified Professional Trainer


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