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     "A great master (teacher) is one who has true passion and the willingness
     and ability to externalize subjects one has been able to first internalize!"

                                                                                              Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim

 Seminars | Singapore

PCR05: Understanding The Financial Services Industry

Comments from past participants

“I enjoyed the sessions especially since they were very interactive. The notes given provided more information. The sessions were very informative and beneficial.”

- Ms. Violet Lee Yong Hoe
DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of February 2010]


“Good insights into the Financial Services Industry and practical examples. Good job!”

- Ms. Ng Tsuey Jen
DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of February 2010]


“Seminar was interesting. Provided a good overview!”

- Ms. Janice Foo Lee Ping
DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of February 2010]


“The session I attended was pitched towards risk management as there were many risk management colleagues around. It was insightful because I have never looked at bank from this perspective before. And risk management is relevant at work and at personal level.”

- Ms. Emily Sim Moi Fong
DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of February 2010]


“I find the Understanding The Financial Services Industry seminar to be really useful especially when it gives someone not from the financial industry (like me) a good overview of this industry. Besides an overview it does provide a historical background of how the industry was started hence would appreciate the current situation and hopefully with this insight be able to project what the future might look like.”

- Ms. Alice Low
Individual, Singapore.
[Class of July 2010]


“Dr. Jeffrey Lim's sharing of his in-depth expert knowledge on the evolution of international trade, finance and banking industry from biblical and historical sources right through to our present new age of technology and its application is thought provoking.

Mr. Adam Wong is eloquent in his knowledge and experiences of the financial reporting and operational functions of the banking industry.”

- Ms. Maggie Lim Saw Tin
Individual, Singapore.
[Class of December 2010]


“Very good seminar!”

- Ms. Lim Siok Yong
DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of July 2011]


“This is the seminar I have always been looking for to understand the Banking Business, and it really helps!”

- Mr. Gao Hongjun
DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of July 2011]


“This seminar was really an eye opener, well taught by accredited professionals (Profs in their fields).
I would highly recommend this seminar, or seminars from PI ETA to my fellow colleagues!”

- Mr. Dennis T. Y. Tey
DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of July 2011]


“I found the seminar to be informative and interesting, especially the parts that relate to history and everyday life!”

- Mr. Ferdinand Karl
DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of May 2012]


“The seminar is interactive! Facilitators are able to share insights and views of the financial market opportunities! ”

- Mr. Raymond Chew Yon Chuang
DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of April 2013]


“Facilitators are friendly and humble and I felt comfortable throughout the seminar. Their passion for the market has sustained my interest in learning and not fall asleep during the seminar and they have made the learning process simple to understand, especially for Jeff, he shared his own personal experience and view about life and market which we are able to benefit from it. Hope to attend more of such seminars!”

- Ms. Sim Pey Lian
DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of July 2013]


“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar, especially the morning session. It was delivered in an efficient manner, and was out of the norm or at least, wasn't anything like what I had expected. Overall, it was a good learning experience.”

- Ms. Sarah Fong Pei-Yuen
DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of May 2016]


“Very interesting seminar to attend and learnt "always be prepared!"”

- Ms. Joyce Tan Suat Guat
DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of May 2016]


“Good insights, up-to-date info on market! Used practical references.”

- Mr. Chan Ing Leong Vincent
Canon Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore.
[Class of March 2018]

  • Overview of the financial services industry.

  • Discussion on the financial system in Singapore.

  • Understand the financial regulation and the role of central bank.

  • Know the inter-relationship between different business segments within a bank.

  • Be updated on the trends facing the financial services industry.

  • Be acquainted with the principles of controlling a bank’s lending activities.

Seminar Facilitator(s)
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Mr. Adam K. K. Wong
B.Acc., FCPA, Certified Professional Trainer

Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim
Ph.D., C.Sci., C.Math., FIMA, FCPS, FRM, PRM, B.Fel.



This programme is approved for listing on the Financial Training Scheme (FTS) Programme Directory and is eligible for FTS claims subject to all eligibility criteria being met.

Please note that in no way does this represent an endorsement of the quality of the training provider and programme. Participants are advised to assess the suitability of the programme and its relevance to participants’ business activities or job roles.

The FTS is available to eligible entities, subject to all eligibility criteria being met and to existing grant caps. FTS claims may only be made for programmes listed on the FTS Programme Directory with the specified validity period.

Please refer to www.ibf.org.sg for more information.

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