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                                                         "Risk Management is essentially an art-form,
                                                         and not a Science. Science merely provides one
                                                         with the foundational platform to perfect one's

                                                                                                        Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim

Sound and effective firm-wide risk management practices will help keep organizations afloat in a sea of uncertainties, which we must navigate with tools which are sometimes far from being up to the task.

Organizations do not always fully appreciate the risk exposures that are inherent, sometimes wrongly dismissing the importance of sound risk management practices when they should instead be focusing on the very issues which can destroy them, often with the perilous excuse that "it ain't broke, why fix it" mentality.

For starters, get an introduction to Financial Risk Management and Firm-Wide Risk Management and/or join our Seminars for a deeper understanding on the different aspects of risk management.

Use our FREE demo version Options Calculator to calculate option values or simply fill in the Financial Risk Management Evaluator to evaluate your company's risk profile.

For further enquires and/or consultation services, please Contact Us.

You can download the PI ETA Consulting Company Electronic Brochure to know more about our products and services.

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You need The PERMIT®1 System to trade!

The PERMIT® Batch Manager System run routine end-of-day deal settlements chores.

Get clear and concise reports with
The PERMIT® Reports Manager System.

Automate your live feeds with
The PERMIT® Auto-Feeds Manager System.

Make easy payments with
The PERMIT® PayMaster System.

To manage risks, turn to
The PERMIT® Risk Manager System.

And if you are managing your financial portfolio, you'll need
The PERMIT® Portfolio Manager System.

Check out
The PERMIT® Training Manager System for your training needs.

And don't forget, enterprise-wide knowledge management begins with
The PEKE®2 System.

  1PERMIT® , which is an acronym for PI ETA Risk Management Information Technology, is a registered trademark of PI ETA Consulting Company.
2PEKE® , which is an acronym for PI ETA Knowledge Engine, is a registered trademark of PI ETA Consulting Company.
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