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     Treasury and Risk Management Systems (PERMIT®, PERMIT® Batch Manager, PERMIT®
    Reports Manager, PERMIT® Auto-Feeds Manager, PERMIT® PayMaster, PERMIT® Risk
    Manager, PERMIT® Portfolio Manager and PERMIT® Training Manager) & Knowledge
    Management System (PEKE®) are the world's first comprehensive software to adopt the
    PET-DOG® System.


 The PERMIT®  Batch Manager System
Batch Management Module

The Batch management module allows an authorized user to generate cross rates and retrieve deals for settlement. After the activation and execution of the Batch run, the processed deals will be posted to the following:

  • Market Exposure Listing
  • Deal / Structure Listing
  • Forecasted Cashflow Listing
  • Forecasted Cashflows Statement
  • Actual CashFlow Listing
  • Realized Profit / Loss Listing
  • Batch Alert Log
  • Batch Execution Log

(You can select from the dropdown Batch Manager menu above for more information about Batch Manager.)
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