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     Treasury and Risk Management Systems (PERMIT®, PERMIT® Batch Manager, PERMIT®
    Reports Manager, PERMIT® Auto-Feeds Manager, PERMIT® PayMaster, PERMIT® Risk
    Manager, PERMIT® Portfolio Manager and PERMIT® Training Manager) & Knowledge
    Management System (PEKE®) are the world's first comprehensive software to adopt the
    PET-DOG® System.


 The PERMIT® System
The PERMIT®1 System Key Features

Comprehensive Treasury & Financial Risk Management Features

The PERMIT® System provides comprehensive functions and features that support the smooth and efficient running of a Treasury & Financial Risk Management division.

Obtain Indicative Prices of Market Instruments and Structures Easily

Users will be able to acquire indicative levels on interest rate, currency, equity and commodity instruments and structures at any time (as long as key market rate inputs are updated). These inputs are obtained through "Live Feeds" via direct linkages to external data feed providers.

Ease of Experimenting, Managing and Monitoring of Different Instrument Structures

Users can experiment with various option and derivative structures on their own before going "live". Option or derivative structures can then either be saved as structures or deals and be retrieved at a later time for future actions, like re-valuing of a deal etc. Structures are re-usable "test" platforms, whilst deals are confirmed trades done. Deals are automatically included  by The PERMIT® System in its various management reports.

Support Straight-Through Processing of All Financial Instrument Transactions.

The PERMIT® System supports truly straight-through processing of all financial instrument transactions from deal inception all the way to deal settlements and posting to the General Ledger. The PERMIT® PayMaster System supports direct electronic payments to the various counterparty accounts.

Generate Mark-to-Market and Risk Management Reports Easily

These will assist users and
risk managers in their financial risk management activities. The PERMIT® System produces mark-to-market Net Present Value and Sensitivity Analysis in compliance with future derivative and fair value accounting standards. Value-at-Risk (VaR), Conditional-Value-at-Risk (C-VaR) and Stress Testing Reports are also available as an add-on The PERMIT® Risk Manager System module.

User-Friendly, Intuitive & Comprehensive On-line Help System

PI ETA's PET-DOG®2 system guides users throughout the pricing, structuring and dealing processes and minimizes all possible transcriptional errors. It also provides a base guideline for
risk management.

1 PERMIT® , which is an acronym for PI ETA Risk Management Information Technology, is a registered trademark of PI ETA Consulting Company.
2 PET-DOG® , which is an acronym for PI ETA Tactically-Developed On-line Guidance, is a registered trademark of PI ETA Consulting Company.
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